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The duties of a zookeeper assistant are varied and can range from cleaning to assisting with animal care. These responsibilities include maintaining clean facilities and following strict hygiene standards. They may also be responsible for monitoring animal health and reporting any unsafe conditions. During their employment, an assistant is expected to be knowledgeable about the animal collections, be friendly to visitors and adhere to Zoo dress codes. They are also expected to attend bi-monthly all-employee meetings to learn about current events and policies.

A zookeeper assistant will typically spend a majority of their time outdoors and may require physical tasks such as heavy lifting, frequent bending, and squatting. Zookeepers must be able to handle wild animals without causing undue stress to them. Over-handling can cause changes in animal behaviour and can have a negative impact on breeding success. In addition, assistant zookeepers often encounter loud noises and harsh chemicals.
ABC's Zookeeper Assistant Program was created by a team of subject matter experts with decades of experience working in zoos. Through the program, students will learn from industry veterans and develop valuable skills that will help them succeed in their future. While a zookeeper assistant will be working with animals, they will also be providing vital care for guests. If you are considering becoming a zookeeper assistant, there are many options available.

A zookeeper assistant will typically work feeding, grooming, and training the assigned animals. They may also monitor visitors for safety and intervene when misbehavior is observed. Assistants also fill in for senior staff and volunteers. Assistants may also help with cleaning and maintaining animal cages, performing exhibits, and keeping inventory. They can even help veterinarians with medical treatments. They can be the difference between success and failure!

As a zookeeper assistant, you will be responsible for cleaning the animals' living areas, feeding them daily, and training them. Zookeepers must also have excellent communication skills and be proactive in solving problems. They must be able to engage with a variety of people to help them learn more about the animals they care for. A zookeeper assistant can be a great asset to an organization. These people are responsible for educating the public about different animal species.

In a zoo, you may also help with animal care by preparing diets for the animals. You might help train elephants to lift their feet so they can be examined by veterinarians. Your duties may include grooming animals and cleaning animal areas on a daily basis. They might also be responsible for educating the public about the animals. The duties of a zookeeper assistant may be varied but they all share a common goal: to educate the public about the animals.

Zookeeper jobs are enjoyable  and rewarding at the same time. You must be able to care for and educate animals and educate the public on animal health. An education in animal science or a related field is important for the position, as the job requires a thorough knowledge of animal health. Zookeeper assistants may become part of a union. While it may not be the highest paying profession, it can be a rewarding career path for those with the right skills.

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